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    Guangzhou feigelang environmental technology company limited,is located in the Pearl RiverDelta-the manufacturing center of the country's major industrial bases-Guangzhou,and the company is dedicated to the spray equipment,that is, the professional institutions of fog solution  combined artificial fog products technology development,equipment mafacturers,nuengineering,installation and after-sales service.At the same time, production and sales of industrial water treatment equipment, for the industry to solve the problem of water quality.

    The company's Feige Lang ®, Faglor®, artificial fog ® and many other country registered trademarks, the products have passed the international ISO9001 quality system,and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. With a professional team of technical developers and solution engineering,strong research and development strength and solid quality, the company has completed thousands of artificial fog projects, involving  landscape and real estate community,outdoor environment space cooling, stage settings,parks, industrial and mining enterprises,agriculture,animal  husbandry, manufacturing, environmental protection, deodorizing and so on.

    The company's pray equipment has been widely used in various  industries, to increase economic benefits reduce operating costs  and improve product quality for these industries  enterprises. By  virtue of our company's strong research and  development technology, combined  with years of accumulated  experience,design  a variety of qualified spray systems according to different customers' demands, to meet the requirements of  different types of customers. The company has designed high and lowpressure spray systems for dozens of industries over the years, provided spraying systems and related accessories  for hundreds of companies,including the oil rig explosion-proof spray system developed by the Sinopec's six subsidiary companies has been exported to the Middle East, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran and  other countries and Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, South-East Asia  countries in large  quantities.

    As leading fog solutions agencies and corporate clients has spread all over the country and accumulated a lot of  experience, now provides spray equipment for the the Shengli Oilfield,Guangzhou bus station, SF,Agility real estate, Evergrande real estate, Vanke, Poly,the ancient cities Yunnan Lijiang and other large sites, to provide healthy and environmental perfect fog.

    Based on the principles of professional,sophisticated, energy-efficient, low-carbon and environmental  protection,our company aims to provide customers with high quality products and services, and hopes to create comfortable space together with users. We will provide you with the most suitable environment space optimization solutions and professional services, to meet the demand for environment space optimization.

    Our aim is: scientific and technological advantages,keeping up with the times, innovative quality! to create a comfortable environmental space together with the users! 


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